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Log a Support Call


Accessing KonnecT Support

We offer three levels of annual support and maintenance contracts; Basic, Fast-Track and Continuous. Each type includes the following, if applicable:

  1. Supply code corrections to correct product malfunctions in order to bring such product into substantial conformity with the operating specifications for the most current version of the product, unless the customer’s unauthorised modifications prohibits or hampers such corrections or causes the malfunction;
  2. Supply telephone support in order to help a customer locate and, on its own, correct problems with the product
  3. Supply, so long as is technically and economically feasible, at BMC Software’s sole discretion, updated products as required to operate under new releases of the operating system and/or other system software with which the product is designed to operate and which BMC Software furnishes, without charge, to all other customers who are enrolled in the Support Plan.
  4. Supply all extensions, enhancements and other changes that BMC Software, at its sole discretion, makes or adds to the product and which BMC Software furnishes, without charge, to all other customers who are enrolled in the Support Plan; and
  5. Replace the product at no charge if the media becomes destroyed or damaged so that the product becomes unusable.

Please refer to the downloadable KonnecT Support Addendum for more details of the available support packages.

Support Contact Times and Numbers

Business Hours

During business hours, all support calls should be made to 0845 521 0701

E-mail or fax may be used to receive supportive documentation related to previously-reported incidents or problems.

E-mail: support@konnect.co.uk

Fax: 0845 2264 770 (All faxes should marked for the attention of Technical Support)

Self-service via KonnecT Support Portal. New users will be required to register on the Portal. The Portal may be accessed via this link.

Outside Business Hours

This service is designed for Severity 1 incidents. An on-call Technician will be paged. Customer details will be taken and the customer contacted directly. Calls which do not require immediate action are held for collection and attention when the UK office is next open during normal business hours.

Telephone number for Severity 1 calls outside normal business hours is 0845 521 0701.

Logging a Call

The person making the support call will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Customer name
  • Contact details – telephone and email address
  • BMC product name – please include product versions and any patches applied
  • Operating system and service packs applied
  • Database version (if applicable)
  • Full problem description including all error messages
  • Severity of problem (For Severity One calls then please also call 0845 521 0701)

KonnecT maintain configuration details of all their customers and will compare the call details to the master information we hold to ensure we can provide a resolution in the most efficient and effective manner.

Please refer to the KonnecT Support Addendum document for further details.

Once the call is logged on the system, the caller will be given a problem ID, which should be quoted in all subsequent correspondence

Further Reading

URL KonnecT Support Addendum

URL BMC Software Customer Support Policies (External link)

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